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This is

Nice of you to drop by. This English site is a lite version of the Swedish site. I suppose you prefer it instead of 9 years in Swedish Language School ( but if you want to read some of my literary production I´m afraid you have to choose the school alternative). Here I also present some of my other interests. The pages are still under construction, but I hope they will give you some kind of benefit. 

However when I was a small child my mama used to tell me that it´s polite to introcuce yourself. Well, nowdays I ain´t a child anymore, but I still try to be polite. Therefore I´ll give you a small presentation.

As you probably allready now, my name is Christer Nordemo and born in 1966. I have grown up in the community of Huddinge, which is located about 10 kilometers south of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Since the summer of 2002 me and my family (my dear fiancée Agneta since 1987, and our two children, Lisa and Emma) lives on the island Adelsö, which is located i the middle of Lake Mälaren. The house we live in are originally built in 1712. Our children are approximately the 12:th generation of Agnetas family which live in this house. 

Pictures from our projects on the house >>

My family concists of 

The biggest family interest is our leisure cottage, which is located in a small village called Marieberg. Marieberg is situated in the beutiful county of Ångermanland.
The house was my grandfathers parental home and up there we spend as much time as possible. Unfortunately the distance, over 500 kilometers from our home in Stockholm, causes some limitations in visits.

If you want to know more about me or Sweden, please send me a mail.

Ps. Try the Swedish Glühwein Ds.

Thanks again for dropping by!

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